Whitemobi Affiliate Network Review

New Possibilities in Traffic Monetization Market

Whitemobi is a progressive and fast growing mobile monetization network, which presents brand new approaches to mobile and desktop traffic monetization. It meets the requirements of both content proprietors and application developers, providing concrete monetization tools for all of them.

A brief abstract of Whitemobi review:

  • Company Name: Whitemobi
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPI
  • Payment Frequency: NET7, NET15, NET30, NET45
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Wire


Monetizing Tools

The company has main global solutions for safe mobile traffic monetization. They are Content Locker, Smartlink and App Wall. Content Locker is designed to assist you in revenue collecting after each access unlocking to your content. And Smartlink provides one common link to all existed offers. This system helps you to maintain positive results by applying minimal efforts. And the last one is App Wall. This tool can be definitely called the best one. Why? App Wall easily finds the most appropriate offer for your guests and users by defining and targeting the devices and countries of the visitors.

whitemobi review

New Approaches – Better Results – Higher Revenues

A professional team of managers and developers is working all day and night long to optimize and improve the way of mobile traffic monetizing to help you to get better results and produce more revenue. Just choose any eminently suitable offer, which will be available for all OS and all countries. The company has a wide range of iOS and Android CPI offers from all corners of the world.


whitemobiAndroid and iOS SDK Program

Whitemobi.com knows how to make your visitors deeply interested and loyal. You have a unique opportunity to establish a reward system, which provides profits for all of your users, without any loss for you. Allow your audience to earn any inapp currency when doing simple actions like installing an application or following concrete steps. Getting virtual bonuses will attract more users all over the world. Monitor your success and control the development of your campaign using our regular extensive and detailed reports.

Whitemobi.com represents multitude campaigns and apps worldwide. Daily updates and innovations are guaranteed. All approaches are easy in integration and managing. The company has one of the highest payouts and the simplest interfaces in the market.

The strategy of the company is based on stable development, innovative approaches, respect, and trust. We are not new in this niche of the market and, clearly, understand the way of work in this sphere. That’s why we are completely aware of how to simplify the whole process of registration and money withdrawing for partners. Working in our system is as simple as possible. Even the most demanding developers and publishers will be satisfied with the variety of offers our company can suggest at the moment. Among thousands of variants, our system automatically chooses only the most convertible offers, which can be the most suitable and profitable for you specifically.

Crucial advantages of our network:

  • Absolute variety of offers;
  • iOS and Android CPI offers;
  • Simplified registration;
  • Easy integration;
  • Automatically divided traffic;
  • Top offers guarantee;
  • Increasing of revenue generation up to 100%;
  • Professional and friendly team and work atmosphere.

Remember, our network base includes several thousand offers with a full coverage all over the world. Convert your mobile and desktop traffic in one place.

To get more information on how to use our app mobile monetization network, visit the official website of the company.