KeenMobi Review

Company Name: KeenMobi

Country: USA

Minimum Payment: Starter Package $99

Payment Method: credit or debit cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer.

If you need to cover multiple tasks connected with app promotion KeenMobi is the right choice. This service provides developers with the tools for gaining quality app reviews, motivated downloads as well as ASO and keywords installs. It works both with iOS and Android Platforms, which is convenient for those developers who work with cross-platform projects.

What features does this service have?

In this KeenMobi review we are going to describe the main features the service performs and their advantages for its clients. So you can order:

– iOS and Android app installs;

– iOS and Android app reviews;

– app and keyword optimization.


keenmobi reviewIn order to make you app popular you need to pay great deal to its promotional campaign as well as optimization its attributes. That is when this service becomes really handy as you can handle all this tasks in one place. Speaking about installs, it is very important for future success to have the quality ones. As well as reviews must be written properly with the useful information for prospect users.

Here in KeenMobi you will get access to the base of real people who are motivated to provide you with the required conversion. That is how you can get quality downloads and decent reviews and high marks. This will help your app to get higher position in the market rankings. As a result other users from your target audience will be able to find out about your application and give you eventually non-motivated quality traffic.

One more important thing is ASO or App Store Optimization. KeenMobi specialists will work on your app icon and other visual data. Moreover, they will provide your app page with the quality overview using the required keywords in order to appear the target users’ search results. You will also have attractive and optimized title and description. It can be used before the revealing the new app in the market as well as for improving the existing ones.

All these services are offered in three packages: Starter, Advanced and Pro. With Starter Package which costs $99 you will have 500 installs, 30 positive reviews and five-star marks within 2-4 days. If it is not enough for you, you can order Advanced Package for $389 with 3,000 installs, 100 reviews and marks within 4-6 days. The Pro Package includes 7,000 installs, 200 reviews and five-stars in 10-14 days. It will cost you $989 but you will also get extra services like title and description optimization and 24/7 personal manager.

What advantages you will have?

According to the as a client you will be able to experience numerous perks of using this service.

  1. First of all it is the experience in the mobile promoting sphere. Thanks to it, KeenMobi specialists came up with the sure-thing and affordable advertising and optimizing strategies.
  2. They claim to have the lowest prices at the market as well as offer remarkable bonuses for loyal clients.
  3. Proven effectivity. The service reassures its users that the more money they pay for promotional help, the bigger revenue they will get eventually. Plus, regular clients are offered with huge discount for their future activity within the service.
  4. Easy applicable service. You just need to place the order on website and you will be supplied with 24/7 support as well as personal manager in order to help you with any issues you may face.

Bottom line

As we can see from our KeenMobi review, this service can be useful in cases when you need to promote your app quickly as well as to do some optimization. Convenient for cross-platform developers as the service provide installs and review for both iOS and Android applications.