CPIMobi Review

Company Name: CPIMobi
Minimum Payment: $0.09
Commission Type: CPI
Payment Method: PayPal, Wire

If you need a solution for improving your app’s position in Google Play you can use the aid of CPImobi service. Here you are offered to use motivated downloads from real people based on CPI method. It is an easy way to boost your advertising campaign. This service will help you to reach your promotional goals within a few days.

How it works?

The service offers to start your advertising campaign with four simple steps:

– registration – in the right top corner of the page you will find the “Sigh up” button;
– setup – you just need to insert link to your app and manage your campaign;
– payment – you will be able to pay for the service using PayPal or Wire options;
– launch – the actual beginning of generating installs.

cpimobi review

It is convenient because with CPImobi you will be able to start your campaign in a few minutes after registration. Here you also can set right targeting for your application. You can choose either particular country audience or promote your app all over the world. The service offers the option of choosing the required amount of installs.

Motivated traffic is the best way to get extra downloads and to push your product up in the market ranking. That is how you will enable your target users find out about your product and download it as well.

What benefits does the service offer?

According to the information in Cpimobi.com, their clients will get:

– the ability to get quality users with their innovative promotional platform and acquire the growth of conversion;
– easy and quick way to create and manage the campaign;
– self-service panel with clear interface.

In this CPImobi review it is worth mentioning that they provide motivated traffic from real users basing the collaboration on CPI approach. Individual sources of downloads provide you with quality installs and other types of conversion. Their unique system protects you from usage of bots, emulators and so on. Their own tracking system allows users monitoring installs without SDK and for free.

They claim to provide their client with as much installs as they will need. With their help you will be able to reach a real success. Moreover, they have one of the lowest prices in the market – only $0,09 per install. You require no other investments in such kind of campaign. Just adjust it according to your needs and goals and sit and watch how the popularity of your app grows. Also you will get your personal account manager to help you in your campaign setting and managing to get the best of it.

Using cpimobi.com you also get advance targeting options. Using the control panel you will be able to choose the required country. Also you can set a download limit per day while setting the campaign in the first place. In case you decide to stop your campaign, all the unused funds will be returned to your balance.

Speaking about analytics, you can track installs using Google Analytics or other convenient services compatible with CPIMobi. Special fraud preventing technology protects you from paying the abnormal clicks and fraudulent downloads. And with App Analytics Tool you will be able to track your application’s performance metrics.


According to the information from our CPImobi review we can call this service to be one of the convenient ways to boost your app’s popularity and to manage the promotional campaign up to your needs. You will get installs from the real users which will increase their quality. The CPImobi provide you will all required instruments and supply with decent motivational traffic. You will get access to your own control panel where you will be able to set the right targeting, the amount of downloads and other campaign features.