Blind Ferret Affiliate Network Review

Blind Ferret is an Affiliate and Type Ad Network and Web/Mobile App Publisher. It is a Canada-based Ad Agency with over 10 years of expertise. The Network applies the global systematic approach to guarantee that their clients’ KPI aims are always at the vanguard of the company’s strategy. The Blind Ferret team has assisted hundreds of customers with a range of aims as User Acquisition, Engagement, Branding, App Store Rankings, and LTV. The vast Network of primary publishers allows the company to provide their customers with the quality and quantity needed to meet their aims and purposes. Advertisers and Publishers can review Blind Ferret at Using Network’s interior technology and optimization approaches allows the company to guarantee that their clients’ budgets are used as efficiently as possible.

Blind Ferret Media is a digital agency established in Montreal, Quebec. A team has a competence at Digital Publishing. Blind Ferret publishers can pick among a large variety of performance websites covering entertainment websites, mobile platforms, etc. Network’s commission types are CPA, CPI, CPE, CPM, and CPC with no minimal rates.

Revenue of mobile and app traffic

For clients that have mobile traffic and looking to boost their mobile revenue, this Network offers great deals. The company will monetize a mobile traffic efficiently. As you become an associate, a Blind Ferret team will work with you to find the right integration way based on the sort of traffic and your realization needs. You can get more information about it at

Blind Ferret reviewFor those who maintain a high-quality app or website can become a premium associate in Blind Ferret Network. A client gets admission to exceptional campaigns, as a premium member. Moreover, he gets a dedicated manager and entree to company’s Sales team who works with client to retail his site or app straight to advertisers. Anyone who has blogs or apps with high-quality traffic can review Blind Ferret and pick a campaign of their choice.

Blind Ferret’s team create and focus is to operate with their clients to reach their mobile and digital marketing purposes. Either it is navigating the mobile scene or accessing the proprietary inventory, company’s aims are always to guarantee the benefit of their clients’ campaigns. Blind Ferret online submits its publishers a multichannel monetization strategy with private access to primary advertisers, top of the line service and a monetization approach to maximize their revenue. The Network grants their publishers with high-level real-time reporting and flexible integration choices as SDK, Direct, JavaScript, API, etc.