Avazu Inc Affiliate Network Review

Avazu Inc, founded in Germany and headquartered in China in 2009, started out as a pioneer in innovative online marketing. It was Avazu Inc that first came up with the idea of creating an Ad Exchange-based demand-side platform (DSP) in Asia, which heralded a new era of global digital advertising and innovative media purchasing.

The APX (Avazu Private Exchange) is a ground for publishers where they can turn their websites traffic into income. It is a place for advertisers to make their offers for publishers who have extensive media content and communication channels to accept them. Therefore, this platform is mutually beneficial for both sides of such interaction.

Avazu inc. reviewAvazu Inc vastly utilizes cloud technologies to keep the network running without the inflow of clicks affecting the speed or visual presentation of the offers. The reinforcing pillars of such operation offer recommendations, templates of visualized jump pages, various editors and other useful and well-though-out tools. The users are ensured opportunities for individual development and data exchange.

A branch of Avazu Inc, Avazu Mobile, was created primarily to provide mobile solutions for ads and with the users’ convenience in mind in terms of their ability to access reports on how they are doing from different mobile devices at any time.

The tracking system on www.avazu.com is very flexible and user-centered. Besides ensuring real-time tracking, it also supports real-time bidding. Avazu cooperates with numerous companies and data providers that specialize in verification of advertisements. This enables the platform to guarantee that no ads containing inappropriate content will be displayed on www.avazu.com. It is also a way of implementing fraud control.

The marketing and advertising solutions offered by Avazu Inc are entirely performance-based and run on CPC, CPA, CPI.

As for the payment policy on www.avazu.com, payments are transferred to the client’s bank account after hitting the threshold of 1,000 US dollars, and can be made as often as once a week.

For technical and other issues, users can contact the user support that is available for you 24/7 and will be happy to assist you.

Affiliate Network Details

Company Name: Avazu Inc Minimum Payment: $1000
Country: China Payment Frequency: NET-7
Commission Type: CPC, CPA, CPI Payment Method: bank transfer