AdUncle Affiliate Network Review

AdUncle is a Global Affiliate Network with high-level content interlocking technology. Founded in 2010, when the certified public accountant Networks were at a peak. Before launching AdUncle, its CEOs have worked with several of Networks themselves and encountered some problems. Therefore, the team has gathered previous experience and came out with the best Affiliate Network. As ex-affiliates, the team of AdUncle recognizes the needs of their publishers. By this, the Network contributes decent rates, transparent transactions and a broad range of campaigns.

Benefits of joining the AdUncle Network

Aduncle reviewIf becoming a publisher, you will get to choose the fitting payment system, which is flexible. You can pick daily or weekly payments, Net15, and Net30, or Net60. It is campaign-connected and makes your bank records always tapping with cash. For international affiliates payments via PayPal are available likewise bank wire.

The Network offers customer support that is a devoted team of associate managers, to assist their clients to choose the campaign for the very best match from few hundred ready-to-launch campaigns. Additionally, managers help publishers support the payments for them too.

Another benefit of the AdUncle is content tracking. If you have been struggling with finding the best network that uses the proprietary technology, AdUncle is the one. It applies the top-class content tracking technology, which is the performance marketing soft by HasOffers. By this, AdUncle is one of the most publisher-oriented technology in the area. Moreover, the Network offers payout charges in the native country money format.

This Affiliate Network provides to all verticals, either it is tourism or wedlock, or healthcare, or investment, or business and e-commerce. The associates’ team provides to all categories, such as email proposals, SMS verifying, CPC, calls verification, and trade-based commission campaigns. The full list of campaigns available at the

AdUncle review

AdUncle is the US-based Affiliate Network with the six-year history of success. You are welcome to visit the to see the positive feedback from the publishers and observe the campaigns available. The minimum payment is $50 and commission types are CPS, CPL, CPA and PPD that are linked to the conversion of the clients.

Payments via Payoneer, Wire, Cheque, PayPal, and exclusive tax benefits are included. It is an Independent Mentor Network, and its suppliers help their clients to leave the red zone and boost up profits. Have an AdUncle review of your own and examine the Cutting Edge Technology formed over HasOffers, along with Dynamic Link & Content Lockers.